Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's About that Time of Year

The commercials are starting up, and red and green is beginning to trickle into the store. I'm all about honoring the bird, but also starting my lists.


My question today is for all my mom readers. 
I have a pretty good idea of what Kitty Parker is going to be getting for Christmas this year. I mean, she is going to be all of 9 months old, but I want her gifts to be classic and nostalgic. 

So.....What did you get your kiddos for their first Christmas??


KatiePerk said...

Books and diapers!(SS was 11 months old) Nothing too crazy. I also got her a doll that she has just started playing with. I kept it easy the first go round, because I figured I wouldn't have such restraint in years to come!

Nichole said...

For my babes 1st birthday we got her a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair (not the my first anywhere chair). It is her FAVORITE thing and could be perfect for Christmas for her!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Owen was almost 1 year-old last year on Christmas, so we thought it was the perfect time to buy him an anywhere chair. That was his "big" gift and then get got and outfit, books and few toys. This year we're following the same format: one "big" gift, an outfit, a book and a toy.

Lindsey J said...

I have to chime in and agree with the other commenters about the PB Anywhere Chair! I received one as a baby shower gift from a sweet friend (who swore by it because of her own 2 year old) and it has been the best item ever. I will absolutely be buying another one for baby #2.

Laura said...

Santa brought Margot a rocking moose, she was 13 months at Christmas so it was perfect for that age. We got her a beautiful handmade wooden dinosaur puzzle and then her stocking had some board books and a few small toys in it. We also have a tradition of giving her an ornament on the day we decorate the tree. But her favorite Christmas gift was from my parents it was the Melissa and Doug Noah's ark and she still loves it at 2 years.

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