Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Catching Up

I swear, just when I get on a good blogging roll, things get busy.
Good busy. 
Peanut will be 8 months old this week. 
I'm in denial.
She, however, isn't slowing down.
We have two teeth, have started feeding ourselves and have been pulling up on everything.
Yesterday she even let go for a second-twice.
My mommy self is NOT ready for that.

This morning it was 15. 
KC Zoo got penguins a few weeks ago. 
We saw the exhibit over the weekend. So fun.

I haven't bought a single Christmas present yet, and am hosting Thanksgiving this year for my family.
Did you know it's 6 weeks till Christmas?

I found the best long t-shirts at Nordstorm last week in the Jr's department.
They cover your tush perfectly and are great for leggings.
Message me if you want the link.

I think I'm too tall for Zumba. 
I was watching myself in the mirror today, and I look like a damn fool.
I think I'd probably be better at it after a margarita or two.

This month I'm working on some big goals for my R+F side gig.
Exciting things are happening.
Blessed to have this opportunity.

I cooked a few new recipes over the last week..
Thai Chicken Salad
Pizza Quinoa Casserole
Headed back to the basics tonight with good ol' beef & bean burritos.


Ashley said...

even after dancing my entire life i still feel like i look like a fool doing zumba. you are not alone!!! :)

Kitty said...

Are the tops from Nordstrom made by Rubbish? I just bought two last weekend!

Baby Mama said...

I'd love the link to the shirts- I like leggings but not so hot on booty! :)

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