Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Toddler Meals

I posted this pic on Instagram last night, and asked for some Toddler Meal Ideas. I got lots of great suggestions, and new hashtags to research. Feeding your child solids has been one of those experiences in parenting where you often make some claim before you have children, and once the child appears, are doing the very thing you claimed you would never do.

Kitty Parker went through a picky phase a few months ago, and literally the only thing she was eating was waffles, yogurt, grilled cheese, turkey and fruit. And Cheddar Bunnies. God Bless Annies.
Thank goodness my Pediatrician is of the thought that a Toddler will eat when they are hungry, and not to worry. But it's hard not to stress over it; something I have to daily work at.

KP doesn't eat alot of what we're eating, because I usually cook dinner after she's in bed. We like alot of spicy food, so saving leftovers for her doesn't usually work. A few meals a week she does have what we're having like...roasted veggies, chicken, spaghetti, etc. 

I'm going to start posting what is working for us, and would love your own Toddler Meal ideas. 


KatiePerk said...

Does she like eggs? I rarely feed SS what we are eating, because of the heat, and like you, we eat later. But what I started doing, was pulling out the raw ingredients. Like if I am cooking a dish with chicken, or ground beef, I portion some out for her. Same with veggies. SS really liked it when we introduced her to yogurt. And I sort of started bribing. If you eat dinner, you can have some yogurt...eh, it works.
It got easier with SS who is now a decent eater!

Christina McGuire said...

HI there! I posted some of what Ava eats toward the bottom of this post: http://markchristinamcguire.blogspot.com/2014/03/let-food-be-thy-medicine-what-ava-eats.html

I try and change it up a bit.. I noticed that Ava likes when she has some options in compartments: I guess it makes her feel like a big kid to choose from each pretty color of food haha... Hope this helps.

Dezerea Cornell said...

To take some of the stress away. I make a green smoothie for her pre breakfast. She gets plenty of fruit and green super foods so if she only eats chicken and cheese for the rest of the day I won't love it but I won't stress either.

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

oooo what are some of the hashtags to search? Kiernan loves sweet potato fries with cinnamon. Literally I peel and slice up a sweet potato, sprinkle a bit of olive oil and some cinnamon and bake at 400 for 50-60 minutes. The house smells great and the fries last enough for a few days.

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