Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1YrWR: Week 13


It's Week 13 into my 1YR Wardrobe Resolution (1YrWR), and I thought I'd give you all an update on how it's going. Have I gotten a few new things? Yes-thanks to Mother's Day and my birthday. But in following with the rules, I've played fair: Gifts are Ok, but one thing in & one thing out.

Workout clothes. Tank. Sunglasses.Bracelet

 The only items that I've bought have been 2 new bikini tops (here), and they don't count.
 {I thought I was going to be able to make it through the summer without a new suit, but the status with my "girls" required a few new tops. All you moms know what I mean! }
In keeping with "Less is More" spirit of the challenge, I went to Old Navy and used a coupon. 

One of the first things I did when I signed up, was to stop most of my sale notification emails. Unless it's a store that sells kids clothing, I no longer get their emails. Loosing the daily "ping" of a deal has helped has cut down on my junk emails. 

Next, I've gone on a few trips and have a few coming up in the next several weeks / months. To eliminate the "I need something for my trip",  I've already packed for the trip. Doing this was a huge eye opener. I'm currently packed for 3 trips, and am not missing a damn thing. Not at all. 

Part of the challenge has been stopping my impulse: "No, you don't need another pair of flip-flops! You have 8 pairs in your closet JUST LIKE the pair you're currently looking at!" Also, when browsing online, etc I just pair items I might want-up to my closet.  And if I find something I really think I "need", I write it down. When the challenge is over in 39 weeks, I'm sure I'll be editing my list quite a bit.

I was telling John the other night that while I may of been a crazy shopper for a while, I made really good classic choices. Ha!
Here's to being grateful & less is more!


Colleen Sullivan said...

Less is TOTALLY more! I really only wear a select number of things in my closet and kind of just mix and match them. They rest of the stuff are things I've bought, but just never liked. Huge congrats to you for making it this long without really buying anything. I think that would be really hard for me. You're doing great!

Aunt Carol said...

You definitely have good taste, young lady!

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