Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Summertime

I absolutely love this time of year. The living is easy: grilling, pool days, margaritas, deck sitting.  Our June has even had a few days cool enough to turn the air off and open the windows! We pretty much spend every afternoon at the pool, and Kitty Parker is finally used to her life jacket. She is quite content to toddle around and play-until she gets hungry. We're a little snackin machine at our house.

A few weeks ago we went to Florida with my family. If you follow me on Instagram {Ldyates} I'm sure you saw my 9 million pics documenting Kitty Parker's first time in the ocean. She definitely takes after her parents, and is a little fish. She wasn't scared at all, and crawled right into the waves. Once you have a child, going on vacation with your parents is the best thing ever. Every morning when KP would wake up, my mom would come get her out of our room, so John and I could go back to bed. Heaven- I tell you. 


I love when babies get little tan lines in their arm creases. KP has her own to show off, and it's pretty stinkin cute.  She's officially a walker, and is looking so big these days. I swear each stage she's in keeps getting better. Is every day roses? Absolutely not, especially as she's started throwing fits. But I love to see her little personality develop when she plays with her friends, chases the dog, gives hugs...melts my heart. 


JanetD said...

It was heaven for me too! Loved my special early morning time with my little darling!

Aunt Carol said...

The last picture is scrumptious.

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